Your travel companion

Forget traditional guides

No typing. No reading. No searching.

Just look around and Strider will show what you need to see

The Colosseum was built by Emperor Ves..

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Strider is your Artificial Intelligence travel companion. It accompanies you around the world in an Augmented Reality interface.

Point your mobile device's camera to a building, a monument or a painting in a museum, and Strider will show you what you need to see.


Learn about events you might be interested in

while discovering

your surroundings


As you travel around the world with Strider, it will collect memories with you and become a better companion as it gets to know you more.

It will suggest you special places and artworks according to your preferences.


Remember our visit to Monte Cassino? Fontana di Trevi is also designed by the same Italian arthictect, Nicola Salvi. The central figure in..


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